"Virginia has taken care of our two cats, Ygor and Sheena on many occasions. She is always available to keep them fed and watered, but more importantly, her visits also involve plenty of social time. She clearly loves being with our cats and likes to play and hang out with them. We’re happy in the knowledge that Virginia does everything to look after our cats’ physical and social needs. How do we know this? Each day, she visits then sends us a quick report via text message, usually accompanied by a photo, so we can see they’re safe and well, and up to their usual tricks."

S. & B., October 2018

"I recently moved back Courtenay and was very lucky to find the best cat sitter for my elderly companion. Virginia takes such great care in making sure my little boy is well looked after by paying close attention to all his little quirks, including but not limited to running the water so he can have his regular drink from the bathroom faucet, giving him his favourite treats and of course the all important play time! I really like the updates on how he is doing, but most of all I like the picture updates. I feel very confident that the most important member of my family is in such great care with Virginia as she is very accommodating to both me my little boy."

G. & M., 2018

"Virginia has taken care of our three cats for the past 8 months. We are frequently out of town on business and have come to rely on her for the care and well being of our sweet little kitties. She genuinely loves them and it is apparent that they are very well taken care of in our absence. In the past, our cats seemed distant and sometimes agitated upon our return, however, this has not happened once since Virginia took over their care. We attribute this to her attention to their needs whether that is cuddle time, play time or grooming. We are grateful to Virginia and our cats love her!"

C. & B., 2018

"Virginia has been as extended family to our two cats Nyke and Shadow for the many trips that we have had to make away from home. She has taken care of their daily needs, but more importantly has provided consistent attention by spending time with them with each visit. We never have to worry that our cats are stressed because they have been left alone. They seem calm and content on our return, and their only vocal complaint seems to be that we aren’t joining them for cuddles and scratches the way Virginia does when she visits. One of our cats required some additional care in her last year, and Virginia had no problem providing the care that was needed. Since her passing its been more important than ever that our remaining cat receive care from her friend Virginia."

D. & A., 2018

"We've struggled to find reliable pet care services for our dog and cat in the past. Now that we have found Virginia, all of our worry about our animal's care is eliminated and we are safe in the knowledge that her No. 1 priority is to make sure our pets are well and happy. In Virginia's care, we can travel without concern for their health and well being. She is a true animal lover and we couldn't be happier with her and the service she provides."

I. & G., 2018