About Virginia


As a recent retiree, I am excited to embark on the true love of my l​ife....that is, pet care. The day has come whereby I can authentically spend my days doing exactly what I love most.

The opportunity to take care of your beloved pets in your home was inspired not only by my love of animals, but the extreme difficulty I've personally had whenever I've taken a vacation or left town on a business trip. With the option of an outside care facility or kennel being my only option, I had to rely on the good graces of friends and neighbors to care for my pets -- not a reliable resource all of the time and often a burden or worry for all of us. As a result, I started Buster's Legacy Pet Care Services ("Buster's" Legacy) in memory of our beloved Miniature Schnauzer....the love of our lives and now departed member of our family.

For the protection of you, your home and pet, I carry appropriate insurance/liability coverage.