Comox Valley Pet Sitting

There is not doubt about it...leaving your pets at home while you are away is equally hard on the pet and you. The obvious answer is to have a reliable, professional and loving individual check in on them regularly in an effort to maintain your pet's daily routine as closely as possible. In addition, we can provide you with the assurance that th​ey are well looked after; allowing you to focus on your holiday or time away from them. For the protection of you, your home and pet, Legacy Pet Care carries appropriate insurance/liability coverage.

The Advantages of Pet Sitting​

 Legacy Pet Care Services understands as we appreciate that pets are:

  • Happier and experience less stress in their familiar environment
  • Diet and exercise routines are maintained
  • Travel trauma for both the owner and the pet is eliminated
  • Pet's exposure to illness or injury is minimized.
Pet Sitting Comox Valley

Our Services

Service Summary:

  • Cat Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Grooming
  • Give medications
  • Home Insurance Checks

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